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JP Custom Operating Springs - If you've had a chance to shoot or handle a JP rifle, one of the first things you probably noticed was the smooth feel of the nearly silent action; this is not an accident. In addition to high grade bolts and carriers, one of the most important ingredients in rifle quality is a tuned action spring.

If there is one thing I hate in any gun, it's an action that sounds like a spoon running over a cheese grater. I want my guns to be as silent and smooth as possible. These springs bring about that end. After much experimentation, JP introduced a custom operating spring which is about 7% over the standard rate. They are centerless ground and then polished to a mirror finish, resulting is a quieter and smoother action and enhanced sight recovery/reliability due to the rate change. These are really nice springs. Try one—it's a big improvement for a few dollars. Available for AR-15 rifle and carbines, and 308 rifle applications. 223 springs are $19.95 and 308s are $22.95. 


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