JP Silent Captured Spring (JPSCS)
  • JP Silent Captured Spring (JPSCS)

JP Silent Captured Spring (JPSCS)

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Silent Captured Spring (JPSCS) - for AR15, AR10, and 9mm ARs.  This is the new patent pending silent spring from JP Enterprises. Replace your current buffer and buffer spring with this unit and get rid of the "sproing" sound when shooting your AR. You'll notice the action is smoother when you hand cycle the gun as well. The SCS maintains all the benefits of JP's polished buffer springs and proprietary low mass buffer by eliminating the friction of standard buffer components resulting in outstanding smoothness and sound abatement. The spring is removable from the assembly for custom tuning if one desires.

In AR15, for use with rifle length and carbine length systems. Works in any gas operated AR15 variant, regardless of caliber. The SCS is not compatible with any 9mm AR variant, any blowback system using a solid (weighted) carrier, or Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) direct impingement bolt carrier. The design of the carrier will prevent the rifle from cycling. Price for the AR15 SCS is $139.95. This is the Gen 2 version.


For AR-10-type rifles

Includes spacer to allow for installation in both carbine-length and rifle-length buffer tubes.

AR10 Compatibility:
The JPSCS-AR10 is designed to work in standard 7-inch M16/M4-length buffer extension tubes on .308 AR-type rifles like the DPMS LR-308. Armalite .308 rifles, likewise, use these standard M16 extension tubes with rifle-length stocks, so the JPSCS-AR10 will function normally when installed with the supplied spacer. However, Armalite’s .308 carbines use a slightly longer, nonstandard carbine extension tube. The JPSCS-AR10 can still be used with these extension tubes by installing the spacer, which must be modified to fit. Alternately, the system will function readily if the longer Armalite carbine tube is replaced with a standard 7-inch .223 carbine extension tube.

The JPSCS-AR10 is not compatible with the HK MR762, the Sig Sauer 716, or the Rock River Arms LAR-8 because of its longer bolt stroke and subsequently longer extension tube.  Price for the AR10 SCS is $139.95. This is the Gen 2 version.


For 9mm ARs: Gen 2 version with Tungsten weights. Price is $159.95.

NOTE:  The 9mm SCS requires an open channel in your 9mm bolt assembly for the guide rod to pass during fire. For most bolts, this will require you to remove the pinned-in central mass. To function with the SCS, this central mass must be removable, and the bolt must still be at its full length without it.


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