Ready Tactical AR15 Mag Pouch
  • Ready Tactical AR15 Mag Pouch

Ready Tactical AR15 Mag Pouch


Ready Tactical AR15 mag pouch designed specifically for the AR15. This is the mag pouch Frank Proctor uses and endorses. Unlike the Ready Tactical pistol mag pouches, the AR15 pouches are ambi, and not RH/LH specific. Mags can be positioned so the bullet faces to the front or the back. Also available for .308 magazines.

Fits belts up to 2.25". Standard mag pouch (non ELS, Tek Lok or PLM) features clip on belt loop for ease of deployment.

Ready Tactical AR15 and .308 mag pouches are made with Boltaron for a great look and a full 1/8" thick for durability.

Horizontal AR15 mag pouches are now available with a Tek Lok. This allows you to position a magazine horizontally in the middle of your back. Great for 3 gun stages if you're running out of room on your belt for gear, or for that stage when a prone reload is necessary. Tek Lok is installed for a RH shooter but can be easily reversed for a left hand shooter.

Standard2.25" AR15 belt loop pouch is $27.95.

AR15 pouch with Safariland ELS fork or Tek-Lok bracket is $39.95. 


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