SJC .223 Titan Comp
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  • SJC .223 Titan Comp

SJC .223 Titan Comp

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Titan AR-15 .223 Compensator - designed by USPSA Grandmaster Erik Lund along with SJC. Gas vectoring technology maximizes recoil reduction and minimizes torque and shot to shot recovery time. Unique design traps expanding gas in the baffles and increases dwell time for maximum efficiency. I have this comp on my open division rifle, even though the comp is limited and tactical division legal. That should tell you something about it's effectiveness. Optimized to work with any barrel length. Threaded for 1/2 x 28 threads. Erik introduced and used this comp in his 3rd place overall Tactical division finish at the 2006 Area 6 3-Gun Championship. Approximately 3.25" long and limited and tactical division legal in all USPSA and outlaw 3 gun matches. The black oxide model is $90, stainless steel model is $120, and the titanium model is $160. Crush washers are not supplied by the manufacturer, but are available from CPWSA for your convenience. See below.


Here's a YouTube video where you can see just how flat the Titan really is:


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