JP AR15 Complete Bolt Carrier Group
  • JP AR15 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

JP AR15 Complete Bolt Carrier Group

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All JP Complete Bolt Carrier Groups include bolt carrier, enhanced bolt assembly, firing pin, cam pin, and firing pin retainer.  Ready to drop in your upper and run.

Available in black stainless or polished stainless, low mass or full mass models.

JP Low Mass Bolt Carriers

For the no-compromise competition rifle, the LMOS™ offers the most significant improvement in the felt impulse of the rifle as compared to any modification other than the addition of a compensator. By reducing the reciprocating mass, the overall impulse as felt by the shooter is further reduced, and bolt velocity is increased without significantly affecting reliability. JP LMOS™ equipped rifles have virtually no reciprocating mass feel.

Reliability with these parts is excellent for competition use. Most shooters that use and maintain this operating system feel that it is a great performance improvement. Some shooters have even reported fewer unexplained flyers in their groups with the JP LMOS™ system.

The JP Low Mass Carrier works out nicely in the new type of civilian machined receivers that don't have a forward assist. Although it doesn't have the forward assist serrations, it functions in military type receivers as well. It just won't allow the use of forward assist on the receiver. The dust cover functions normally.

You may be wondering why some of the stainless carriers appear black. This is due to a new state of the art surface finish for stainless called QPQ (Quench, Polish, Quench). This is a five-step process resulting in a rock hard surface with natural lubricity. Some want the bright polished look and that is available on the JPBC-3 Low Mass carrier, but not the JPBC-2 tactical carrier.

The JP LRP-07 has our large format AR-10 type Low Mass carrier. The JPBC-4 AR-10 low mass stainless bolt carrier is also finished in black QPQ hard coat for superior wear and natural lubricity. The JPBC-4 will also improve the sight recovery on the DPMS LR-308 or the Armalite AR10. However, it must be used with a DPMS LR-308 bolt assembly, firing pin, cam pin and firing pin retainer.

Do not attempt to use the JPBC-4 with the Armalite bolt assembly, firing pin or cam pin. Unlike the AR-15/M16 platform on which just about everything is cross compatible, each AR-10 type rifle such as the JP LRP-07, DPMS LR-308, Armalite AR-10, Knights SR-25 or Rock River AR-10 is inherently different with only limited cross compatibility of components. Always check compatibility anytime you order aftermarket accessories for AR-10 type rifles.

JP Full Mass Bolt Carriers

For police tactical duty or any application where absolute reliability is the main criteria, use the FMOS™ or Full Mass Operating System with 416 stainless steel special design carrier that includes forward assist serrations and a dust cover notch. The bore of the JP stainless carriers has a roller burnished finish for frictionless operation with no chance of peeling chrome as in standard mil-spec carriers. The exterior bearing surfaces are hand polished. When properly lubricated, both systems make your rifle feel like it was cycling on ball bearings.
Both the JPBC-2 and the JPBC-3 feature a 100% increase in bearing surface for smoother operation and improved alignment and lower wear in the upper receiver. Both are M15 semi auto configuration in the rear with the mil-spec longer cocking pad in the front for best reliability. This is hands-down the best designed and highest quality general purpose carrier on the market. Sold as carrier with installed key.




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