Ready Tactical Pick 2 Shotshell Pouch
  • Ready Tactical Pick 2 Shotshell Pouch

Ready Tactical Pick 2 Shotshell Pouch


These shotshell pouches serve a couple of purposes.  I use two of them in front of my pistol holster for bolt open loads when I only need one or two rounds, or for one or two slugs which might be mixed in with a shot stage.  When only one or two shells are needed, these are much quicker than pulling from a larger carrier.  Benelli Nova and Mossberg shooters (or other guns that don't have a carrier/lifter) love them because they can use the two shell or Italian loading method, where you drop one shell on the loading gate and use the second shell to push the first shell into the loading tube.  These carriers are unique in that they feature a staggered holding pattern which facilitates faster two shell loading, or easier access to one shell when that is all that is needed.  Shell stops prevent the shells from getting pushed out of position.  Features clamshell attachment loop to enable adding or removing the pouch from your belt without having to rethread everything.  Fits 1.5" belts.  Designed for 12 gauge shells.  Note:  the picture shows two carriers but they are priced separately, not in pairs.

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