CPWSA Ultimate AR15 Carbine with 15" Handguard
  • CPWSA Ultimate AR15 Carbine with 15" Handguard
  • CPWSA Ultimate AR15 Carbine with 15" Handguard

CPWSA Ultimate AR15 Carbine with 15" Handguard


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After years of trial and error (or what optimists call "experience"), and a small fortune trying different barrel lengths, twist rates, bullet weights, handguards, comps, triggers, optics, etc., the CPWSA Ultimate Carbine is the culmination of all the lessons I've learned; most of them the hard way. This carbine will save 3 gun competitors time, money, and frustration in selecting and outfitting a rifle for competition. It's been built from the ground up as the perfect rifle for competition. Whether you're a novice 3 gunner or a competitor with hundreds of matches under your belt, you'll never outgrow or outperform this rifle. This carbine offers you the chance to do it right the first time, not spend a fortune, and save yourself hours and hours of frustration.  The complete carbine weighs only 6 pounds, 15 ounces without sights or optic, so it's really light and maneuverable.  It's perfect for those fast 3 Gun Nation stages, or local club shoots, but is equally at home on long range 400 to 500 yard stages like those regularly seen at the Blue Ridge Mountain 3 Gun match. 

The heart and soul of the CPWSA Ultimate Carbine is the barrel, which has been custom built to our specifications. Measures .875" before the gas block and .725" diameter after the gas block; black phosphate finished, fluted, 16" long, with mid-length gas, 1 in 9 twist, with M4 ramps and 5.56 NATO chambered. Fluting both before and after the gas block facilitates cooling and reduces weight, and the mid-length gas system softens the recoil impulse more than a standard carbine length gas system. The 1 in 9 twist rate allows shooters to use standard XM193 or other readily available 55 gr. ball ammunition, yet still stabilizes heavier bullets as well. You should expect around 1 MOA with either 55 gr. XM193 or other brands of 55 gr. ball ammo.  Sub-MOA groups should be expected with premium ammo such as 75 gr. Hornady TAP ammo.  We like the 16" barrel length because it's short enough (with a comp attached) to be quick and maneuverable in house clearing stages or close, tight quarters and shooting positions, yet long enough to give the velocity needed to flash steel targets at the 400 and 500 yard ranges frequently encountered at major 3 gun competitions.

This Ultimate Carbine features a JP Rifles matched, forged upper and lower receiver. The lower receiver has the CPWSA logo laser etched for brand recognition purposes and to let your friends (and your competition) know you've got a race horse that's ready to run. The Ultimate carbine sports a 3.5# CMC flat trigger which is secured with JP oversize, anti-walk trigger pins. A Magpul trigger guard and Arredondo oversize mag release is standard. A Bravo Company Gunfighter adjustable stock allows for a comfortable, consistent and uniform cheek weld from either strong side or weak side shoulder positions, and the embedded QD swivel receptacle makes for the quick and easy addition of a sling when needed. A Magpul MOE Plus grip completes the lower receiver.

The upper receiver features a 15" Viking Tactics Alpha Rail handguard, CPWSA logo etched ejection port cover, steel charging handle with oversize latch, Lantac Dragon Advanced Muzzle Brake, your choice of JP Rifles polished stainless or black stainless low mass bolt carrier assembly, and Superlative Arms adjustable gas block

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