Invictus Practical 8ighty-8ight
  • Invictus Practical 8ighty-8ight
  • Invictus Practical 8ighty-8ight

Invictus Practical 8ighty-8ight


Our 8ighty-8ights feature the new injection molded clips.

The Invictus Practical AARM/S 8ighty-8ight is a sixteen-round shotshell caddy system based on the incredibly compact "8ight Plate" - equally suited to both the Quad-Load and Load-Two techniques - which attaches to one Tek-Lok or ELS #34 Fork (sold here separately, bracket only, no hardware) via a user-bendable Long Coupling Bar with serrated lock washers, 10-32 screws, and nyloc nuts - all in 18-8 stainless - for max torque, adjustment range and per-shell value.  Available in 12 ga. only. Price is $119.50.

The "no hardware" statement means if you buy a Tek-Lok or ELS belt bracket, it is simply the bracket itself, there is no hardware included with it.  If you buy any Invictus carrier, they include the hardware you need to attach the carrier to the belt bracket.

Pay particular attention to ordering options below as the shotshell carrier as well as the three types of belt attachments are listed.

NOTE: The drop down menu below offers both the Invictus carrier as well as Tek-Lok and ELS belt brackets. Be sure you have ordered the desired part(s) by reviewing your shopping cart summary.


Here's a demo video with the smaller 12Q caddy:

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