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If you're like me, you always remember the stage that was the exact number of rounds as the division capacity loading limit of your shotgun.  You couldn't miss without having to do a reload and lose valuable time.  You get to going a little too fast, or you had that one popper that was set heavy, and you had to load one more round, which seemed like it took an eternity.  Well here's the solution.

"Keep it HOT - with one more SHOT!"  Absolutely the quickest way to access and port load one shell, or can also be used to load that third or fifth shell in the magazine tube (see the videos below).  Designed for competitive shotgunners, 3 gun competitors, law enforcement officials, and hunters.  Works on autos or pump guns.  Available in blue and white only. Price is $24.95.

Note: we get some calls and emails from customers thinking we sent them a 20 gauge Matchsaverz. That is not the case. The first few times you load the Matchsaverz, the shell is hard to load as the fit has to be tight to keep the shell from vibrating out of position under recoil. I suggest using the crimped end of a shell to put pressure on one side of the end of the Matchsaverz and use your thumb to push apart the other side and slide the shell in crimped end first. You can leave the first shell in there a few days to make subsequent loadings of the Matchsaverz easier. Once you get the hang of loading your Matchsaverz, it's a piece of cake.


Check out this video demonstrating a one round port load:

Load 3 video:

Load 5 video:

Works on pump guns too:

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