JP Aluminum Ultra Low Mass Bolt Carrier
  • JP Aluminum Ultra Low Mass Bolt Carrier

JP Aluminum Ultra Low Mass Bolt Carrier


Weighs only 5.8 ounces with a JP Enhanced bolt!

JP Rifles introduced the original aluminum bolt carrier over a decade ago, but discontinued it after several customers had difficulties with its rather strict maintenance needs and changed over to the JP stainless steel design. Based on customer demand, JP has reintroduced a new-and-improved, easier to run and maintain, ultra low mass carrier manufactured from aircraft-grade 7075-T6, the reborn JPBC-1.

Re-engineered for improved reliability and performance with lower maintenance requirements, the new JPBC-1 is the ultimate in performance, especially when combined with other high-efficiency components like a muzzle brake, adjustable gas system and JP Silent Captured Spring. The end result is a carrier that leaves your .223 shooting like a rimfire .22.

The JPBC-1 bolt carrier weighs 3.76 ounces with key installed, making it even lighter than some of the titanium bolt carriers offered on the market today. Each unit comes as a complete kit including a JP precision-ground, one-piece gas ring as well as a titanium firing pin. Each JPBC-1 is available with or without a JP Enhanced Bolt. The gas ring provided ensures perfect bore-to-gas seal fitment in the JPBC-1 and minimized friction to enhance reliability when fouled, while the titanium firing pin eliminates any possibility of slamfire at the higher bolt velocities.

Once you've tried the new JPBC-1, you'll wonder how JP could have abandoned the ultra low mass bolt carrier concept in the first place.

This is JP part number JPBC-1. JP Aluminum Ultra Low Mass Bolt Carrier price is $339.95 without JP Enhanced Bolt and $460.95 with JP Enhanced Bolt.

Compatibility and Usage

Non-ferrous specialty carriers should be considered consumable rather than lifetime parts. The JPBC-1 yields a performance advantage for competition applications at a price. Your usage and maintenance will determine the duty life of your carrier.

The JPBC-1 is a competition/race gun part only and is not recommended for any duty/defense use where absolute reliability is required.

This carrier should also be run with an adjustable gas system to minimize stress on the entire bolt carrier assembly.

This carrier is not recommended for use with gas systems shorter than mid-length for longest service life. Use with carbine or shorter gas systems may result in gas erosion in the tail stock area and subsequent leakage and reduced service life.

Not for use in .308 AR-type rifles.


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