CZ CzechMate and TS Thumb Rest
  • CZ CzechMate and TS Thumb Rest

CZ CzechMate and TS Thumb Rest


These thumb rests are gun parts and cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

New design for 2018 has 4 mounting holes instead of two. This allows the rest to be adjusted for shooters with different hand sizes. All in stock rests are the new 4 hole design.

This thumb rest from Advance Ratio Sports and Tactical and is made for the CzechMate, Tactical Sport and Parrot. CNC machined and hard coat anodized. Available for right hand shooters in Black, Gray, Yellow, and Green. Includes mounting hardware. 

Note: the yellow is not quite the same as that on the CZ Orange pistol but it is close. The yellow on the thumb rest may be just a touch darker.

Note: it may be necessary to shorten the mounting screws as we have discovered some inconsistency in frame thickness on some guns. 

Note: thumb rest does not properly fit the CZ Tactical Sport Orange as the holes in the rest seem to be off +/- 0.6mm from other CZ guns. The rest can be made to work with a little modification.

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