Safariland Quick Locking System (QLS)

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This is one of the mounting options offered on the Ready Tactical Hawk Holster that we're offering as a separate item. Very popular with 3 gun competitors because of the quick change nature of the system. Let's you safely and easily remove your handgun for stages where it's not needed. I use the QLS 19 and 22 for my handgun and use the smaller ELS 34 and 35 for shotshell caddies, pistol and rifle magazine pouches, etc. These are compatible with Safariland ELS belts but you can simply drill a CR Speed, Double Alpha, or Guga Ribas belt and mount the receiver plates directly to the belt.

The QLS (Quick Locking System) allows the user to mount almost any Safariland holster or accessory in the right position to meet the preference of the user and to handle any mission requirement. Passes a Level I Retention™ Pull Test.

Allows for quick removal and installation between attachment points such as a belt loop, tactical leg shroud, or even a MOLLE Looped vest (with use of MLS 16). Mounting system allows the user to rearrange gear quickly and easily without the need for tools. Allows holstered weapons and accessories to be removed without removal of apparel such as a vest, leg shroud or belt. 

The Safariland Quick Locking System QLS 19 Holster Locking Fork is designed to mount directly to the back of the holster.

The Safariland Quick Locking System QLS 22 Receiver Plate is designed to be the mounting platform for the QLS 19 Locking Fork. This plate can be attached to any Safariland 3-hole backpiece (belt slide, paddle, etc), onto the front of an MLS 16 Accessory Locking Fork which is threaded through MOLLE loops, or onto practically any flat surface with the appropriate screws (not included). I drill my CR Speed belt and mount my receivers directly to it. This system will give you multiple mounting options for your holstered weapon. You can mount these receivers plates anywhere you wish to securely keep your handgun.

QLS 19 fork or QLS 22 receptacle sold separately with hardware, or as a kit with one fork and one receptacle with hardware.


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