CPWSA 14.5" AR15 Barrel Package
  • CPWSA 14.5" AR15 Barrel Package
  • CPWSA 14.5" AR15 Barrel Package

CPWSA 14.5" AR15 Barrel Package


If you've been wanting a 14.5" AR15 barrel with a comp permanently attached so you wouldn't have to pay the feds $200 for a tax stamp, then we've saved you a lot of time and trouble. We took our 16" Ultimate Carbine barrel, had it professionally cut down to 14.5", re-threaded, re-crowned, then permanently attached a Lantac Dragon Advanced Muzzle Brake as per ATF guidelines. You can't slide the gas block or barrel nut over a brake or comp after it has been permanently attached, so we include a standard barrel nut, mid-length gas tube, and Syrac Ordnance Generation II adjustable gas block. Simply put on your handguard of choice, clip your new upper on your lower and go shoot.

We also have 14.5" complete uppers available. See below.

As per ATF Handbook Chapter 2, we have done all the work for you to ensure these barrels meet ATF requirements for permanently attached muzzle devices. Measurement of at least 16" is from the closed bolt or breech face, and the comp/brake is attached via the blind pin method with the pin head welded over. (See picture) 

Here's some additional specs on the barrel: .875" before the gas block, .750 at the gas block, then .725 to the muzzle. Black phosphate finished, fluted, 16.5" long including permanently affixed Lantac Dragon Advanced Muzzle Brake, with mid-length gas, .081" gas port, 1 in 9 twist, with M4 ramps and 5.56 NATO chambered. Fluting both before and after the gas block facilitates cooling and reduces weight. The mid-length gas system softens the recoil impulse over a standard carbine length gas system; and the chamber and 1 in 9 twist rate allows shooters to use standard XM193 or other readily available 55 gr. ball ammunition. Note: barrels should be installed by a competent gunsmith and checked for proper headspace. Failure to do so can result in firearm damage, personal injury, or death.



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