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Ready Tactical Hawk Holster

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The Ready Tactical Hawk is the new modular version of the highly popular 3 Gun Dropped and Offset (DOH) Holster. The Hawk, is basically the time proven Ready Tactical 3 Gun holster that uses a Bladetech Teklok instead of the traditional dropped and offset kydex belt loop.  This allows the shooter to easily remove or put the holster and handgun back on the belt as stage requirements dictate. A nice luxury for those rifle and shotgun stages where the handgun is not needed. Another improvement to the Hawk is the top of the holster has been flared to allow for easier re-holstering; a huge benefit when re-holstering "on the clock", as allowed in some 3 Gun matches. Relief cut in the holster exposes the bottom of the handgun trigger guard. This allows the shooting hand to contact the bottom of the handgun trigger guard on the draw and not holster material. This allows the shooter to acquire a shooting grip on the handgun upon the initial grab.  

We can also add the G-Code RTI modular system.  Just contact us for details on that change.  This allows you to move the same holster from your belt, to Molle compatible gear, your vehicle/boat/ATV, or basically anything you can mount the appropriate G-Code receptacle to such as furniture, vehicle consoles, etc. Your mounting options are only limited by your imagination.

Every Hawk holster includes the Bladetech Teklok or G-Code RTI hanger installed with mounting screws secured with loctite to ensure everything stays in place. 

Note: the Hawk holster works great with MOS guns.




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