Invictus Practical 12Q (12 Round Quad)
  • Invictus Practical 12Q (12 Round Quad)
  • Invictus Practical 12Q (12 Round Quad)

Invictus Practical 12Q (12 Round Quad)


The Invictus Practical 12Q shotshell carrier is a 12 round caddy system equally suited for both quad load and load two techniques.

Available in two models.

The Original 12Q has the shell holders mounted to a coupling bar.

The Rack 12Q is a newer twelve-round shotshell caddy system where the shell holders are mounted to a rack instead of a coupling bar like in the original 12Q design. Uniquely adjustable for outboard cant (see picture) as well as shell plate rotation angle, shell clip spacing, and ride height. 

Primer-safe, like all Invictus Practical caddies. Clips holding the top / back row of shells are open across the primer area to minimize risk of inadvertent detonation while loading the caddy. Both models feature the new more durable injection molded shell clips.

IPSC-legal when mounted to Tek-Lok @ 0° outboard cant - < 70mm from top of furthest shell to back of Tek-Lok (always verify your own unique configuration!)

Includes all mounting hardware, in 18-8 Stainless steel. 

Fully compatible with Tek-Lok and ELS belt attachments (sold separately below).

Available in 12 ga. only.  Price is $99.50. 

Pay particular attention to ordering options below. The two options of 12Q shotshell carriers as well as the three types of belt attachments are listed.

The "no hardware" statement in the 3 belt attachment options below means if you buy a Tek-Lok or ELS belt bracket, it is simply the bracket itself, there is no hardware included with it.  If you buy any Invictus carrier, it includes the hardware you need to attach the carrier to any of the belt brackets.

NOTE:  The drop down menu below offers both the Invictus carrier as well as Tek-Lok and ELS belt brackets. Be sure you have ordered the desired part(s) by reviewing your shopping cart summary.


Check out this demo video:


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