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TacCom Extreme Shotgun Magazine Extension
  • TacCom Extreme Shotgun Magazine Extension

TacCom Extreme Shotgun Magazine Extension

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TacCom Extreme Shotgun Magazine Extension. Includes extension tube, end cap with sling swivel stud, and spring. Plus 7, 8, and 9 tubes cost a little more due to the large size box needed to ship the longer tubes.

Order tube length desired below and then order the appropriate barrel nut for your specific shotgun model as a separate item here.

Our method of selling the tubes and barrel nuts separately allows you to change mag tube lengths without having to buy a whole new barrel nut assembly. 

The TacCom Extreme Extension boasts an almost 1/8" wall thickness for strength, yet is still amazingly light. A plus 6 tube, barrel nut, and end cap only weighs 11 ounces. Tubes, nuts and caps are made from machined aluminum and anodized black (Remington barrel nuts are steel and black nitrided).

Modular design allows you to add extension tubes to the parent extension with out the use of couplers.  If you want to expand your plus 6 to a plus 9, simply screw a plus 3 tube into your plus 6 tube. This allows you to disassemble the tubes into a more compact size for travel. This is the most flexible and convenient system I know of. 

All Extreme Extensions allow for the end cap to be threaded directly into the barrel nut and allow for +1 cap for hunting conditions. Use your factory mag tube spring in this configuation.

The end cap is knurled to provide a good grip on the end cap to ensure it's tight. End cap also includes a sling swivel stud for convenience, yet is not in the way if a sling isn't in use.

Available in +2 through +9 lengths for $55. Shell capacity of tube is referenced as the shell capacity increased above the stock capacity. For example, if your Benelli Nova holds 4 shells in the factory tube, and you install a +4 tube on your gun, you'll end up with a 9 round total capacity; 8 in the tube and 1 in the chamber. 

Note:  for Mossberg JM Pro applications, the Taccom barrel nut and tube will replace the barrel nut and extended tube that came on the gun. The Taccom barrel nut screws to the steel tube on the shotgun and not the aluminum extension. If you have a standard 930 and not a JM model gun, this does not apply.


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