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AR15 Combat Diver Grip
  • AR15 Combat Diver Grip

AR15 Combat Diver Grip

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Special Operations Combat Diver Grip from Advanced Performance Shooting. They've been doing custom 1911/2011 grips for years and now have an AR grip offering. They were asked by some special operations folks to design a grip for use in extremely wet environments. The result is the Combat Diver Grip. These are standard AR15 grips coated with the most aggressive grip surface you'll find anywhere. Literally guarantees a good grip with tactical gloves, or regardless of how wet the grip or your hands might get. Try these and you'll end up putting them on every AR you own.

Note: it may be necessary to remove some of the diver grip material under the safety to ensure clearance. 

Check out our new silicon carbide grips below.

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