Vendetta Precision Quick Throw Scope Lever
  • Vendetta Precision Quick Throw Scope Lever

Vendetta Precision Quick Throw Scope Lever

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The VP-22 Throw Lever is made out of strong anodized aluminum with thicker, more rigid geometry. Both of these things provide better durability against drops or abuse unlike plastic or thinner aluminum options on the market. The common ball and socket joint is featured on one side of the lever giving the end-user the ability to slide the ring apart and install on scopes that have an illumination adjustment turret, or larger objective lenses. Simply separate and slide over the 30mm or 1 inch section of the scope tube and re-install the lever. Our throw levers are currently offered in one model that fits 1.715"-1.760" diameter magnification rings, with or without the protrusion on the ring. Available in black, blue, and red anodizing.

Known fit compatibility: 


    STRIKE EAGLE(1-8x24),      

    VIPER HS/HSLR/HS-T/PST Gen I - 1-4x24 2.5-10x32, 2.5-10x44, 4-16x44, 4-16x50, 6-24x50 

    RAZOR HD GEN 1 (5-20x50),  

    Strike Eagle 1X6, 

    Crossfire II 1-4x24 V-Brite, 

    Crossfire II 1-4x24V-Plex 


    XTR 1x8,  

    XTR II SCR 5X25 

- NIKON:  

    M223 4x16x40 


    scopes with 1.715" - 1.760" magnification rings


-Throw Lever ring and lever





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