Taylor Freelance Colt SMG/Tavor +10 Basepad
  • Taylor Freelance Colt SMG/Tavor +10 Basepad

Taylor Freelance Colt SMG/Tavor +10 Basepad

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This is the go-to magazine extension for the popular new PCC competitions.

This extension adds a full 10 rounds to your 32-round Colt SMG-type magazine. Adds +10 rounds, reaching 42+1 capacity! Works with IWI, Brownells, and ASC mags.

- Easy thumbscrew-and-gasket disassembly (no tools, unless you want it SUPER secure).

- CNC machined from billet aluminum.

- Works with many "stock" mag springs -- we've had good luck with IWI and Brownells in particular.

Now available with a newly designed Taylor Freelance extended spring. The Taylor Freelance spring is a completely new design with rounded corners instead of the square corners in the Colt springs. The new spring design offers much more reliability than the traditional spring design. 

NOTE: Colt SMG mags come from many different manufacturers. Colt offered at least two major types -- one where the floorplate slides on from the front, and the other which slides on from the rear. These extensions are built to work with BOTH the front-mount and rear-mount styles. No matter what type you're starting with, in all cases the TF retention screw should end up on the BACK of the magazine.

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