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We are pleased to offer Frank Proctor's products. Frank has 18 years of military experience, with 11 of those years in Special Forces as an operator and instructor. Frank is also a Grand Master USPSA Limited Division competitor. He relied heavily on his experience as a combat and competitive shooter when designing his products.

The Proctor Heavy Duty (PHD) Sling is a very strong, yet lightweight, minimalist 2 point adjustable sling that comes with all mounting hardware necessary to attach to a variety of long guns (AR-15, Shotgun, Precision rifles, AK-47, Hunting Rifles etc). The PHD Sling only weighs 2.4 ounces and there is no extra hardware to buy. Comes with everything you need to attach to a variety of guns. This offers huge savings over other slings on the market. The sling is fully adjustable, and excess webbing stores on itself providing a super minimalist sling option for shooters. You won’t find any other like it. The sling is 1 inch wide providing proven all day operational comfort with less bulk. The PHD Sling comes in black, multicam, and multicam black. The PHD Sling is 100% made in the USA.

Weight: 3.0 Ounces




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