Taylor Freelance VR80 Plus 3 Basepad

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Need some extra firepower for your VR80?

This basepad extends your 9 round VR80 shotgun magazine by 3 rounds to 12 + 1; extends the 5 round mag that came with the shotgun by two rounds; extends the 19 round mag by one round to give you 20 + 1.

If you live in a capacity restricted state, leave the 9 round mag's spring guide in place which limits the mag capacity to 10 + 1.  Machined from solid 6061 aluminum bar stock.  Thumbscrew and gasket retention lets you choose between finger tight for quick on/off, or screwdriver tight for maximum security.

This product cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

Each order of three basepads comes with a free VR80 magazine loader.

 Taylor Freelance

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