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Safariland ALS Level 3 Holster for Glock 19/23


Had a customer stiff us on two Safariland holster custom orders.  Our misfortune may be your good misfortune however as you have the opportunity to avoid the big delay currently encountered when ordering Safariland holsters.

This is the model 6360-283 level 3 holster that has been upgraded with a QLS fork installed.  Also comes with the factory belt loop attachment as well.  This holster is for right hand shooters and fits the Glock 19 and 23.  It has the tactical STX black finish.  A great holster for those physical 3 gun matches where you need maximum retention to keep from losing your handgun.  Your first retention mechanism is released by pushing the large button down and forward that sets conveniently under your thumb.  The second retention mechanism is release with push forward on the button that sets conveniently under your thumb when drawing the pistol.  Can also be used as a duty holster when level 3 retention requirements are required.


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