Book - Perfect Practice
  • Book - Perfect Practice

Book - Perfect Practice


"Perfect Practice", written by International Grand Master Saul Kirsch, is a 150 page book with tons of information, drills, and exercises.  If you're serious about improving your shooting, this book will be invaluable to you.  The first one I picked up now has a permanent home in my range bag.  Very professional publication with content that is nothing short of impressive.  Good combination of instructional technique combined with live fire drills.  There are some good books out there already and this one will take it's place with them as one of the best.   Contains 54 different drills that cover every aspect of the sport.  The chapters cover:

- Precision Shooting 5 drills. Calling Your Shots 5 drills
- Recoil Control 3 drills
- Reaction Time 1 drill
- The Draw 8 drills
- Reloads 4 drills
- Shooting Position Transitions 8 drills
- Prone and Kneeling Shooting 4 drills
- Barricade Shooting 4 drills
- Target Transitions 4 drills
- Shooting on the Move 4 drills
- Shooting Swingers (Bobbers) 4 drills


Each drill contains the following parts: - Description, - Goal of the drill, - Construction and layout pointers, - String of fire, - Suitable for, - Keep track of, a Picture on how to set up the drill and a Table for recording your results. A great addition to your shooting library. 

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