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Book - .22 Rimfire
  • Book - .22 Rimfire

Book - .22 Rimfire

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Practical user guide to the world's most popular caliber! This second edition of Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire is a complete handbook and user guide for shooters of the .22 Long Rifle. Collectors and shooters alike will appreciate the comprehensive coverage of current and vintage firearms. Hardcore rimfire shooters will find technical details that reveal how they can use headspace, rim thickness, and other factors to enhance the performance of their equipment.
New .22 rifles evaluated, including the Ruger American, Savage B-Mag, Ruger 10/22 Takedown, CZ 455, and more. Expert advice to enhance performance of models that are amenable to alteration. New coverage of optics for rimfire firearms. Hands-on testing of the .17 WSM and other recent cartridges.

Best ballistics introduction available. The author's experience and skill explaining how to choose ammunition will help shooters make the right choice. Reader feedback from the first edition of this book describes the information on ballistics as "the best introduction available!"

With the introduction of new models and discontinuing of others, any book on rimfires is a snapshot in time of a field that changes rapidly. In Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire, 2nd Edition, author James E. House provides thorough discussions of types of ammunition, ballistics, and firearms that will be of long-term use to rimfire shooters everywhere.

Chapter 1: Development of Rimfire Ammunition
Chapter 2: Safe Shooting
Chapter 3: The Rimfire Rifles
Chapter 4: The Rimfire Handguns
Chapter 5: Sights and Sighting
Chapter 6: Rimfire Ammunition In Non-Magnum Calibers
Chapter 7: Magnum Rimfire Ammunition
Chapter 8: Internal Ballistics for Beginners
Chapter 9: External Ballistics for Beginners
Chapter 10: Rimfires As Hunting Tools
Chapter 11: Rimfire Maintenance
Chapter 12: Choose a Rimfire for Tough Times
Chapter 13: Accessories, Accuracy, and Competition
Chapter 14: Survey of Some Current Rimfire Rifles
Chapter 15: Review of Some Current Magnum Rimfires
Chapter 16: Shooting Vintage and Discontinued Rimfire Rifles
Chapter 17: Evaluation of Current Rimfire Handguns
Chapter 18: Shooting Some Vintage Rimfire Handguns
Appendix A: Suggestions for Further Reading
Appendix B: Sources for the Rimfire Shopper
Appendix C: Sources for Hunting Information

About the Author
Author James E. House has been shooting rimfires for approximately 70 years. He has written more than 350 articles on shooting sports appearing in numerous outdoors and firearms publications, and numerous books, including the first edition of Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire and two editions of Customize the Ruger 10/22.

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