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Adams Arms Micro Block AR15 Piston Kit

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This is the Adams Arms PK Adjustable Micro Gas Block Piston Kit with Nickel Boron Low Mass Bolt Carrier upgrade. This kit is for mid-length.223/5.56 gas systems. Not for use with 300 BLK.

Kit includes:

Patented One-Piece Nickel Boron Low Mass Bolt Carrier

P Series Micro Block - Adjustable (5 Settings - 100%/74%/53%/32%/11%)

Upper Receiver Bushing

Bushing Installation Rod

Bolt Spring

Drive Rod with Bushing and Spring

Installation Instruction Card

The Adams Arms revolutionary Retro-Fit Piston System is designed to convert your standard direct impingement rifle to a clean, cool, reliable system without extensive modifications. Our patented piston system is a drop-in system that works on any mil-spec AR-15 and is compatible with most standard AR-15 parts. Our kits have been treated by various coating applications to increase Durability, Lubricity, and Longevity, and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

     The Adams Arms Retro-Fit Piston Drive System uses the same gas port on the barrel to work the action of our inverted piston. Instead of directing the gases into the receiver, they go into a gas plug and drive rod sleeve invented by Adams Arms. The gases are contained inside the drive rod sleeve and push the bolt carrier rearward using the gas pressure to cycle the action.

     Adams Arms proprietary operating systems mechanically actuate the bolt carrier external of the receiver. This keeps the internal receiver and all the critical moving parts clean and free from heat and carbon build up.

Here are some of the main differences when using the Adams Arms Operating System:

Short Stroke Free Floating Piston System

Self Cleaning

Carbon and gases are expelled forward, away from the operator

Bolt Carrier Group and other critical components remain cool and clean

Corrosive resistant coating processes

Harmonics are not transferred into the barrel

Adjustable gas settings for various applications

Doesn't vent direct to atmospheric pressure; this eliminates flash signature and supersonic crack which is optimal for night vision and suppressed fire.

Here's a video on the Adams Arms Piston System:

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