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Taccom Original Quaload 4 Shotshell Carrier

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The QUALOAD 4 holds 2 columns of shells next to each other. You simply can't get any closer than touching with the rims overlapping. No other quad loading device can do this. The close proximity of the shells allows for better shell control and the overlapping rims sets the shell pattern for the load.

Allow for a generous amount of room under the shells. This allows plenty of space to get a solid grip on the shells before they are removed from the holder. There is ample room for shooters with big hands.

Holds 4 - 12 Gauge Shells

Stacks shells for control and ease of loading

Works with Teklok or ELS belt attachments, sold separately. 

This is the original Quaload 4 carrier which originally had a MSRP of $39.95. These now discontinued units can be yours at a huge savings. Does not include belt attachment. You will need to supply your own Tek Lok, ELS, or other belt attachment.

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