Vendetta Precision VP24 Hand Stop

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When designing the VP-24 Hand Stop, we took many things into consideration to create the most comfortable, practical, and versatile hand stop on the market. 

We took great notice to many firearms professionals and competition shooters utilizing standard vertical grips as a sort of "two finger stop" device while using the modern thumb-over-bore forward hand technique. This allows the hand to be placed at a more natural angle rather than laying your palm flat with conventional single-finger stops out there. The VP-24 takes all of the real-estate and comfort advantages from using a vertical grip as a stop, and removes all of the excess bulk left at the bottom of the unused grip space.

In short, we created the perfect solution. Now the shooter can get the best possible grip and comfort in a minimalist, modern package.


The curve and serrations on the front of the grip allows for two fingers to get a solid purchase, and allow the user to pull the rifle properly into their chest/shoulder. The rear of the grip features a serrated curve similar to our VP-23 Tenaci grip to allow the webbing between the thumb and index finger to rest comfortably when anchored to a barricade or shooting rest.

Made in the USA from CNC machined billet aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized, these hand stops are built to last. Using our hybrid hardware and TWO screws instead of one, the VP-24 will solidly mount to any M-Lok or Keymod handguard.  


- VP-24 Hybrid Hand Stop

- Hybrid M-lok/Keymod Hardware

- L-Key

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