Dillon RL1050 Super 1050 Case Feed Stop

Select Case Feed Stop Color

Here is a great tool from A3GMunitions.com if you own a Dillon RL1050 or Super 1050. It locks the Case Feed Plunger to the rear so that it is not engaged by the Case Feed Cam as the tool head moves up and down. This makes changing calibers much easier, or making adjustments to the press operation much easier, because cases aren't being fed into the shell plate and are therefore not in the way while you're making your adjustments.

This works with manual presses or motorized ones. To install simply push in on the front of the Case Feed Plunger, place the hole in this device over the round allen keyed bolt and snap the body around the frame where the Case Feed Plunger is housed. When not in use it snaps on the drop tube for convenient storage and is handy when you need it. See the picture as an example of how it fits on the press.

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange.

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