Polymer80 PF940v2 80 Percent Full Size Frame Kit

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Product update:  I've received a few calls from customers asking my opinion on the Polymer80 product.  I've built out a compact frame with an aftermarket G19 slide and a standard size frame with an OEM G34 slide.  In short.....I'm a fan.  The combination of no finger grooves and grip texture, the aggressively undercut trigger guard and the 1/4" longer beavertail tang in the back make for a great shooting gun.  It feels great in my hand and the longer beavertail in the back helps keeps the gun flatter than the OEM models of the same flavor.  I'm such a big fan I'll be replacing all my Glock lowers with Polymer80 frames.  The only downside is the Polymer80 frame will not fit in a Glock holster.  The fit relatively well in a Springfield XD or XDM holster but we also have Ready Tactical holsters specifically built for the Polymer80 frames.

Ever wanted to build your own pistol?  The industry first Polymer80 Glock 80% pistol frame kit includes everything you need to do just that.  I've just built out a full size and a compact and I can tell you it not only provides a sense of accomplishment but is just plain fun to boot!   

The BATFE has determined this product in it's unfinished state is not a firearm.  Here is the letter of determination.  However, you should also consult your local and state laws to ensure the legality of purchase, finishing, and ownership.

The PF940v2 offers compatibility with components for Glock full size Gen3 3-pin; 9mm G17, 34, 17L; .40S&W G22, 35, 24; and .357Sig G31.  Available in Black, FDE, OD Green, Dark Gray, and Cobalt.  

Also offers the following:

Enhanced Ergonomics and Features

High Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction

Aggressive and Adaptable Grip Texture

Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail

Blank Serialization Plate

Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System

Stainless Steel Rear Rail Module

Hardened Rail System Pins

Complete Finishing Jig, Drill Bits, and End Mill included.

Patent Pending.

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