ITS Logo Zipper Pull 4 Pack


Upgrade your gear with the ITS Logo Zipper Pulls! These custom-molded and contoured rubber pulls are perfect for girth hitching to zippers to add grip and style.

Measuring 2.625” Long x .25” Wide, these ITS Logo Zipper Pulls fit nearly any zipper style. Available in a 4-Pack with two Black and two MAS (Modern Adaptive Sepia) pulls.


Girth Hitches to Nearly Any Zipper
Rubber Grid Pattern Increases Grip
Body of Pull Measures Approximately .875” Long
Cordage Loop Measures Approximately 1.75” Long
4-Pack Includes Two Black and Two MAS (Modern Adapative Sepia) Zipper Pulls.  The MAS pulls are a combination neutral green/gray color. 

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