ITS Foldanizer


Don’t organize your gear, Foldanize it! The ITS Foldanizer™ is one of the most versatile organization systems you’ll ever use. It’s a perfect Dopp Kit, First Aid Kit Pouch or solution for organizing all the charging cables floating around in your bag. The ITS Foldanizer™ can fit perfectly into your travel bag, daily carry bag, or even affix to the back of a vehicle headrest with velcro or other method of your choice. 

Your imagination is the only limitation to the many ways you can use or mount the Foldanizer.  I've got one mounted with Malice straps and velcro to the posts on my headrest.  I've got our Basic First Aid kit items in the Foldanizer pockets, trauma treatment items in the Red Medical Nylon Zip Bag, and a CAT tourniquet in a Ready Tactical Legacy holder attached to the face.  This gives me both basic first aid and trauma treatment items in one small package.  It's out of the way but easily accessible.  

Add the ITS Medical Nylon Zip Bag to your Foldanizer for an even more versatile application.  The zip bag addition allows you to attach your med kit to the Foldanizer but still have it available the instant it's needed.  Note the pictures show med kit supplies, a medical patch, and a red medical zip pouch which are not included with the Foldanizer, but are available here as optional accessories.

Made from genuine CORDURA® Nylon, our folding pouch features six pockets and an innovative Zip Bag Dock™ at the bottom. Two larger pockets measure approximately 8” wide x 5.5” tall. On the front of each of the large pockets are two smaller mesh pockets, measuring approximately 4” wide x 5.5” tall. The bottom of the opened Foldanizer™ features our Zip Bag Dock™ that utilizes two sections of VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fastener to secure any of our standard-sized ITS Zip Bags. (Available as an add-on.) The front of each ITS Foldanizer™ features an extended hook and loop closure to accommodate smaller or larger load-outs. Depending on the contents, it also makes a great area for affixing hook backed identifiers or name tapes.


Organizes Medical Items, Dopp Kit Contents or Charging Cables

Holds One Standard ITS Zip Bag (Available Separately)

Two Large Pockets Measure Approximately 8” Wide x 5.5” Tall

Four Small Mesh Pockets Measure Approximately 4” Wide x 5.5” Tall

Closed Pouch Measures Approximately 9” Wide x 7” Tall

Opened Pouch Measures Approximately 9” Wide x 25” Tall

Made with Genuine CORDURA® Nylon

Available in Black only.

Made in the USA

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