Glock 9mm OEM Gen 3 Slide Parts Kit

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This kit has all the small parts you need to finish out your 9mm Polymer80 or Glock Gen 3 slide.  Also a great spares kit to have on hand for your factory Glocks. The cost of the factory firing pin and extractor increase the price of this kit compared to the lower receiver parts kit, but we feel the firing pin and extractor should not be replaced with cheaper aftermarket parts.  Every part in this kit is a factory Glock OEM part; not a knock-off or substitute.

This kit contains everything you need to finish out a slide except the barrel and sights.  We have numerous sight sets available for your convenience.

Includes recoil spring assembly, extractor, firing pin, firing pin safety, firing pin safety spring, channel liner, spacer sleeve, firing pin spring, spring cups, extractor depressor plunger, extractor depressor plunger spring, spring loaded bearing, and slide cover plate. 

We also offer a high reliability upgrade where we provide a White Sound Defense HRED instead of the factory extractor depressor plunger, extractor depressor plunger spring, and spring loaded bearing.  Like replacing Glock factory sights, the replacement of the factory parts with the HRED is something we do to all our competition and duty Glocks.  See the You May Also Like products below for that offering.  


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