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Invictus Practical 8 Round Shotshell Caddy


Was digging through some cabinets today and found a brand new, still in the box Invictus Practical 2.8 shotshell caddy with Safariland ELS fork. Setup would normally sell for $77 but since this is the only one we have, we're letting it go at a discount.

The Invictus Practical 2-Point 8ight System is a unique 8-Round shotshell caddy that utilizes the incredibly compact and strong “8ight Plate” as its backbone.

The precision molded “8ight Clips” give you repeatable and consistent tension without the worry about dropping shells. Each clip is equally suited for both Quad-Loading or Load-Two techniques. Combined with the added 2-Point Adapter system this whole package gives you the ability to customize the angle of the caddy to your body by 15-degree increments for a full 360-degree rotation. Don’t compromise your draw with bad-fitting caddies.

Comes with all the 2.8 and 2.8 adapter hardware and Safariland ELS fork.

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