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Liberty Vector Rimfire Suppressor

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This is one of two rimfire suppressors we have and need to move. Check prices elsewhere and you'll see you can save some bucks here. MSRP on this suppressor is $348.

This suppressor can be purchased from us but must be shipped to your local SOT for Form 4 paperwork and transfer.

The Vector is specifically designed for the shooter that wants to be able to shoot their 22 rimfire and not have to worry about maintenance schedules or difficult to clean designs. Liberty created a silencer that was simple in design and was also easy to maintain. This silencer requires virtually no effort to remove the baffles from the tube, no matter how many rounds you fire through it. Aluminum tube is 1.125" in diameter with 18-8 stainless steel baffles. The end caps are titanium. Overall length is either 5" or 6" depending on whether the removeable 1" section is installed or not.

This is a modular suppressor with a removeable 1" section that provides +/- 5db. The added section provides greater sound reduction with a slightly larger footprint while the section removes provides a lighter unit with a bit less sound suppression. This suppressor is a .22 LR suppressor but will also handle 17HRM, .22 Mag, and .22 WMR.

This is a NFA item and all ATF rules apply for purchase.

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