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Griffin Universal Piston

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The Griffin Universal Piston fits all Griffin Armament Supressors. Affords the user the ability to convert the suppressor to a much faster and more secure mounting solution on browning style action (tilt barrel) pistols vs its legacy technology, single piece, direct thread piston counterparts. This system provides a rapid, secure attachment to the host pistol. These are normally $75 and frequently hard to find in stock. Save some bucks on this last one we have in stock.


Patented CAM-LOK (Covert Application Mount - Locking) universal QD piston attachment system

3 mounting positions, 120 degrees separated for rapid mounting

Internal taper surface locks in place with interfacing barrel adapters and drastically reduces or eliminates common baffle/end cap strikes

Compatible with Universal QD pistons barrel adapters (sold separately)

Total system weight is identical to legacy direct thread pistons

H900 heat treated for improved durability and wear resistance

17-4 stainless steel material

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