SJC Micro Dot Mount
  • SJC Micro Dot Mount
  • SJC Micro Dot Mount

SJC Micro Dot Mount for Glocks


Fixed Mounting Platform designed to use Micro Dot Sights like the Burris Fast Fire, Doctor, or J-Point designed specifically for full size 40 caliber guns, but works great on 9mm, 10mm, and 45 caliber full size models. Eliminates the need to lower ejection ports or tune the ejection patterns just to avoid jams. Now you can build 40 caliber open Glocks that will function as consistently as they did out of the box. Fits: G34,G35, G17,G22, G21, G20, G31, G37.

Over the years, many people have wanted SJC to convert their 40 cal Glocks to open pistols, so they could shoot USPSA major power factors with factory ammo. Unfortunately, the 40 caliber Glock's ejection patterns have proved to be difficult to consistently tune leading to stove pipe jams if using C-mores or mounts that extend back over the ejection port. Now, S & J Customs has a manufactured cure. The SJC Glock Micro Dot Sight Mount eliminates the need to tune ejection patterns or even lower ejection ports, but still allows a dot sight to be on a non-moving platform. USPSA major power factors can be acheived with regular 40 s&w factory ammunition. There is now a more affordable method to break into the major power factor open divisions with out having to reload.

Just like the original SJC Glock C-more Mount, the SJC Glock Micro Dot Sight Mount fits the common speed holsters without any modifications.

SJC 3 piece gen 2 Modular Microdot Mounts accept the following sights:

Burris Fast fire 2&3, Delta Optical Minidot I & II, Doctor/Noblex, Hawke Vantage, Leica Tempus, MAKDOT 1 X 25, Meopta Meosight III, C-more STS, C-more STS2, C-more RTS & 2, Delta Optical Minidot HD 24 & 26, Kahles Helia RD,  Leupold Delta Point Pro, Holosun 407K & 507K, HS407C, HS507C, HS508T, Sightmark Mini Shot M-spec, Sig Sauer Romeo3 1 X 25, Shield RMS, Shield RMSc, Shield RMSw, Shield SMS, Trijicon RMR, Vortex Viper and Venom, Vortex Razor, VOMZ Pilad 1 X 20.


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