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We are discontinuing the Warren/Sevigny products.  Once these are gone we will not be restocking them.

2 Dot (1 front, 1 rear) Tritium Sets Now Available for the Glock 42 and 43. The rear sight was modified to fit the slimmer top. The notch has the same dimensions as the standard Warren Tactical sets. Front sight is .230 tall. Order Below.

The unique design of the Warren rear offers a very clean and unobstructed sight picture.  Features a "U" shaped rear notch where the bottom of the notch on the Sevigny rear is square.   Available in plain/serrated, fiber optic, and tritium options.  The tritium set is available as a 2 lamp or a 3 lamp system. The front lamp is green and the rear lamp is yellow. Price is $59.95 for the plain/serrated combo, $76.95 for the plain rear/fiber optic front combo, $88.95 for the plain/tritium combo, $129.95 for the tritium/tritium 2 lamp combo, and $139.95 for the tritium/tritium 3 lamp combo. The front lamp is green and the rear lamp is yellow on the tritium sets.

Warren Tactical and Sevigny competition and carry sight sets for Glock pistols. All Glock model Warren Tactical and Sevigny sights are designed for a twenty yard point of aim/point of impact. 

Warren Tactical's recommendation is to use the .245 tall front with Gen 4 or Gen 5 guns, Glock 24, 34, 35, and other long slide guns Gen 3 guns, and the .215 tall front for all other Glock models, when mated with a Warren or Sevigny rear.  

You can't use a Warren/Sevigny .215 or .245 front with a factory Glock rear sight. 

Warren/Sevigny front sights DO NOT extend beyond the slide cut-out on model 34 or 35 pistols, but will extend out a bit on the MOS guns.

Remember that Glocks are production guns, so there could be slight variations in each of them, and point of aim/point of impact is further affected by ammo differences, bullet weight differences, shooter tendencies, etc.

All Warren/Sevigny sights should be installed by a certified Glock armorer or gunsmith.

Don't forget that we offer a sight installation service for Glock sights. See below.

Here are some basic pointers to help with sight selection for glock pistols:

Standard rear sight notch width is .150″ and generally provides the best window for both speed and accuracy.

Applications: Carry weapons, GSSF, Pro-Am, Steel Challenge and USPSA/IPSC pistols.

Applications: Bullseye, GSSF, NRA Bianchi Cup, PPC, Target pistols.

The front sights for Glock pistols are available in .215″ and .245″ tall heights.

Fiber Optic front sights are .115” wide.

Carry Plain and Tritium front sights are .125” wide.

Point of Aim/Point of Impact (POA/POI) for G34 and G35, with most subsonic ammo, will be at or slightly above the front post (approx. 2”) with the .215″ tall front at 25 yards.

In general, 115 grain and 125 grain 9×19 ammo fired from a G34 and 155 grain and 165 grain .40 fired from a G35 will print higher than 2” and is why a .245” tall front should be selected for this type of ammo.

POA/POI with G17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 38 and 39 pistols is correct with a .215” tall front.

ALL G17L and G24 pistols should use a .245″ tall front for best POA/POI.




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