Taylor Freelance Glock +5 Basepad
  • Taylor Freelance Glock +5 Basepad

Taylor Freelance Glock +5 Basepad

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Designed for USPSA's demanding Limited Division, this is Taylor Freelance's most popular baseplate. It provides +5 rounds of .40, or +6 rounds of 9mm, with rock-solid retention and security.

Ships with custom made Wolff extended spring.

Available in either black delrin or machined brass. If you're looking to add weight and capacity to your Glock, the brass model is machined from brass bar and adds five ounces of weight.

Black and Flat Dark Earth delrin basepad is $39.95 and the brass model is $44.95.

NOTE: Using brass +5 basepads will accelerate the wear on your magazines. We suggest leaving the brass basepads on, and only cleaning the interior of the magazine occasionally (many people grossly over-clean their Glock magazines -- while appropriate for some guns, constant cleaning isn't necessary on the Glock).

Because these basepads are much heavier than stock, keep an eye on your magazine catch notch. Though we haven't experienced it, additional wear has been reported. 

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