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The Ready Tactical modular holster was so popular we've started stocking them now instead of that option being a custom build.  The holster body is the same as the standard IDPA holster except it does not have the speed cut.  When viewed from the front, the holster covers the barrel hood and ejection port area of the gun providing more security without slowing up or impeding the draw stroke.  Comes with a Blade Tech tek lok installed, but the hole pattern also fits Comp-Tac PLM, G-Code and other popular belt attachments. 

This holster is perfect for outdoor carry, hunting, or concealed carry with a light jacket or overshirt.  

A slightly flared top makes re-holstering easier and a key feature for comfort during the draw. The holster is perfectly fit so you're finger doesn't rub the holster during the draw. The holster is adjustable for retention; just be sure to put a drop of blue Loctite on the tension screws after you get them adjusted.

Currently stocked for Glock 17/22/19/23. 



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