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We had a need for a safety/training barrel for classroom use but designed in such a way that no live rounds could be introduced into the weapon.  You can teach a lot of the fundamentals with a blue or inert gun, but you can't properly teach trigger control, or tactical or speed reloads with a blue gun.  We couldn't find the desired product anywhere so contacted a local company who could make some up for us. 

These barrels are made with quality polymers for Glock 17/22/31 and Glock 34/35 in bright safety orange or yellow.  Barrel extends past the muzzle just enough that the end is highly visible.  Great as a dry fire barrel or for instructor use when teaching fundamentals to new shooters.  Pair them with orange base pads and dummy rounds for a visually obvious safety package.  Muzzle end is drilled for use with retention holsters or other holsters that have a muzzle plug that goes in the end of the barrel.

We're still tweaking the design and right now there is a rough spot on the left side of the chamber.  Does not affect function and is unseen when the barrel is installed in the gun.  It's simply there as a leftover spot from where the barrel sets on the printer bed during printing.

These barrels are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser.


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