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We had a need for a safety/training barrel for classroom use, but designed in such a way that no live rounds could be introduced into the weapon.  You can teach fundamentals with a blue or inert gun, but you can't properly teach trigger control, or tactical or combat reloads with a blue gun.  We couldn't find the desired product anywhere so we decided to just build it. 

We went a step further and created this complete instructor safety kit which includes the safety orange inert barrel, 4 orange 9mm dummy rounds, and 2 orange Glock factory magazine base plates. Now at a glance, you and your students, will know everything is safe when you're teaching fundamentals in a classroom environment.

The Gen 3/4 and Gen 5 Glock 17 and 34 barrels are not interchangeable due to the different recoil lug dimensions on the Gen 5 barrel compared to earlier generations. The Glock 19 barrel works on generations 3, 4, and 5. 

The barrels are printed with ABS polymer and fit Gen 3/4 or Gen 5 Glock models 19, 17, and 34 in bright safety orange. Barrel extends past the muzzle just enough that the end is highly visible.   

Muzzle end is drilled for use with retention holsters or other holsters that have a muzzle plug that goes in the end of the barrel. The barrel has a small amount of extra length on the end by design. This allows everyone seeing the gun from the side to know that the inert barrel is in the gun and therefore unloaded.  If the extra length isn't desired it can be cut off with a saw or cutoff wheel.  The feed ramp and chamber area of the barrel is solid. We thought about cutting a chamber hole there for dummy rounds, but decided this could possibly allow live ammunition to be inserted by mistake, so we left that area solid for safety reasons.

We're still tweaking the design and currently there is a rough spot on the left side of the barrel.  This does not affect function and is unseen when the barrel is installed in the gun.  It's simply a leftover from where the barrel rests on the printer bed during printing.

Contact us for quantity or departmental purchases.

The barrels are guaranteed for life to the original purchaser.

Note: The dummy rounds we provide are designed to be a visual indicator that the magazines used to demonstrate and practice reloads are safe. The dummy rounds are not snap caps. Do not separate the dummy rounds for use as a snap cap. They are not designed for that.


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