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Glock GTUL Combo

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Tired of struggling to disassemble your Glock mags for cleaning? The patent pending GTUL system is the answer. No more gouging, marring, or scarring the floorplate, tube, or metal liner. Quickly remove dirt, dust, powder residue and grime that may hinder reliability and cause a failure to feed. Can be used with all Generation Glock magazines. The GTUL allows the magazine to be secured with one hand while force is applied to disengage the locking tabs. Use the hardened steel punch in the cleaning brush in the other hand to depress the retaining pin (if present), and slide the floor plate off. Quick, easy, and simple. GTUL with brush is $21.95 and GTUL without the brush is $11.95.

Here's a quick video showing how easy the GTUL is to use:



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