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For all types of firearms in any environment. Reduces galling and wear, provides two-year rust protection, and extends the service life of your guns. Gun Butter is not a grease, it is an oil that resists change from below -60 degrees to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It's this operational temperature range that makes Gun Butter the choice of many competitive shooters, as well as elite military and special forces units in all branches of service. This complete all-weather lubricant will not burn up or evaporate in summer's heat. It works in freezing temperatures, stays intact during pouring rain, and repels debris. In operational use, Gun Butter's unsurpassed smoothness and consistency is unparalleled due to its longevity and ease of function. Your gun's continued performance is assured because Gun Butter's adhesion exceeds the film-strength of molybdenum grease.

Suggested application for the trigger and locking lug grease:

Placed in hammer hooks
Sear tip and pressure pads / contact points
The sear spring tip
Upper and lower locking lugs on the barrel
Also suggested for use on the hammer strut contact point with the cup for the hammer spring.

Note: We do not recommend using the grease on slides surfaces, as the performance of Gun Butter oil alone is optimal.

Available in either 2/3 oz. needle oiler for $19.95, 1/4 oz. pen oiler for $11.95, or 15cc trigger and barrel lug grease syringe for $19.95. Save money by ordering one of the combos!


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