Dawson +1 Plus SNL Basepad
  • Dawson +1 Plus SNL Basepad

Dawson Plus 1 Plus SNL Basepad


Dawson took the best base pad and made it better. How you may ask? They used every bit of room there was in the USPSA 140mm mag gauge with this pad. It still has the great DP TOOL-LESS design. Tests have given as many as 21 rounds in a 140mm STI .40 caliber mag, allowing you to start with 22 in the pistol. This enables a speed reload with 20 in the mag! Be aware S.N.L. stands for "sometimes not legal".  These basepads work with 9mm, .38 Super/Super Comp, .40, and .45 mags or tubes. 

Due to variations in mag tubes, be sure to check your mag before the big match to make sure it fits in the 140/170mm gauge.


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