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Ready Tactical IDPA Holster

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Now available for the Polymer80 builds with Glock 19/23, 17/22, and 34/35 slides for RH shooters.

Custom, hand made Boltaron holster with 1.5" belt loop, front sight channel relief, and fully adjustable for tension. Approved for IDPA competition. Also great for everyday carry and 3 gun competition.  If you don't like having to place your holster in front of, or behind the belt loop on your pants, the holster belt loop has a slot cut in it so you can place the belt loop of your pants in between the two parts of the holster belt loop for exact placement and extra security.

Relief cut in the holster exposes the bottom of the handgun trigger guard. This allows the shooting hand to contact the bottom of the handgun trigger guard on the draw and not holster material. This allows the shooter to acquire a shooting grip on the handgun upon the initial grab. 

We offered this holster as a custom build with a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok belt attachment.  It was such a popular option we've starting stocking those in RH here for Glock 17/19/22/2334/35/41 and S&W M&P Standard/Pro/L models.  See the "You Might Also Like" links below.  The advantage of the Tek Lok option is the ability to take the holster on and off without completely removing your belt. It could also be viewed as a fixed belt loop holster than has two height adjustment options due to the hole patterns in the Tek-Lok.


Glock model holsters fit all generations and work great with MOS guns.

Glock 34/35/41 holster will not fit standard or SF 45/10mm Glock models.

DOH model holsters are IDPA legal for female shooters. 

The XD holster will work for the 9mm, .40 and .45 gun is made for the 5" Tactical model.  It will work with the 4" gun as well. 

The M&P Pro/L holster is different than the holster for the standard M&P. 

The M&P holsters we stock will not work with the Shield.

We have Ready Tactical holsters in stock for some of the FNH guns. 


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