Taylor Freelance Canik TP9 Magwell
  • Taylor Freelance Canik TP9 Magwell

Taylor Freelance Canik TP9 Magwell

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Now available in a heavy brass model! Flashy and functional! Machined from Bar Stock. Adds 2.5 ounces of weight (helping balance, absorbing recoil). Fantastic look! Like all polymer-framed autos, the Canik is top-heavy. This magwell helps balance out the gun, and absorbs recoil at the same time. This magwell ships as glittering natural brass. It will require occasional polishing to keep the shine. Warning, may contain metals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. (Specifically lead.) Brass model is $64.99.

Canik handguns are coming on strong in the competition world. They've developed a small but intense following thanks to it's low bore axis, well-thought-out controls, good-quality magazines, and low purchase price.

Where most guns on the market require a little bit of tweaking and the addition of a few aftermarket parts, the Canik ships with a good trigger and bolt-on extended controls in the box.

Finally, Taylor Freelance has designed an easy to install magwell for the Canik TP9! Featuring a new patent pending Overlock Retention System that uses your gun's lanyard connection point to securely attach the magwell. Available in black, red, and blue.

Magwell does not work with the Canik TP-9 Elite.

All Taylor Freelance Canik basepads work with this magwell without fitting or modification. 

Factory basepads require fitting. They will not lock into place with the magwell attached (this was unavoidable because the Canik uses the basepad as a grip extension). Fitting instructions are available on the Taylor Freelance Facebook page here. 

Due to US State Department restrictions, this part cannot be shipped internationally.


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