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Radians Ear Plugs


Electronics ear muffs are nice but they get really hot in the Georgia sun.  In addition, I've found I don't always get a good cheek weld when using ear muffs with my long guns.  While all disposable ear plugs are cheap, some are about as comfortable and putting a stick in your ear.  These are the plugs I use because they're soft and comfortable, yet provide 29db of noise reduction.  They come individually packaged and have a convenient cord so you can hang the plugs around your neck when not in use.  I usually cut the cord and simply put the plugs in my pocket between stages.  Can be reused many times, yet I usually dispose of them after each match or practice session and open a new pack the next time around.  Keeps things more sanitary that way.  Get 4 pairs for $1.

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