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Ready Tactical Legacy Tourniquet Pouch

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A tourniquet is useless if you don't have it with you, or if it's not readily accessible in a life or death situation. These pouches were designed at the request of a law enforcement agency that issued tourniquets to all their officers. The department wanted a carry and deployment option beyond that of the duty belt. As such, we specifically designed the Legacy tourniquet pouch for body armor, PALS, and ankle mounting options.

The Legacy tourniquet pouch works with all generations of C-A-T and Recon Medical tourniquets. Keeps tourniquet secure yet deploys with ease, even when fine motor skills have been compromised. Low profile pouch is actually smaller than the windlass retention loop on the tourniquet.

To deploy the tourniquet, simply grab the windlass retention loop or "C shaped bracket" and pull the tourniquet out of the pouch, or you can fold the tourniquet so the red elliptical tip (on the CAT) or finger hole end (on the Recon Medical) can be used as a pull tab. 

Armor model - low profile, low print, design to be worn inside the uniform shirt and secured with body armor vest straps. Ambidextrous design allows for deployment from the right or left side of the vest. Works equally well with either 2" or 4" vest straps. Armor Model pouch is provided with hook and loop velcro which can be attached if the user desires to reduce any movement of the pouch under the vest straps. The velcro on the pouch adheres to the velcro on the vest for rock solid placement. The pouch can be worn either with, or without, the extra velcro. Price is $22.95.

Ankle model - basically the same pouch as the armor model but slotted for straps. Designed to be worn on the ankle just like an ankle holster. Includes two 1" velcro straps. Price is $24.95

PALS model - A heavier duty pouch with a more defined windlass tunnel unlike the low profile design of the armor and ankle model pouch. Can be mounted to an external tactical vest, range bag, backpack, or anything that has PALS webbing. Includes one long malice clip for mounting. Price is $22.95.

Ankle and PALS models are also available in Olive Drab.

Tourniquet not included with pouch. 

Notes: it is very important that when staging or folding the tourniquet for insertion into the pouch, that the red elliptical tip is at the top of the fold. Otherwise, the velcro on the tourniquet is exposed and can adhere to the velcro on the vest, making the tourniquet more difficult to deploy.

Also, when staging, be sure the windlass retention strap is not pulled across the opening of the windlass retention loop. This saves a step in deploying the tourniquet and can be critical when seconds count. 

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