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Sheridan 8.6 Blackout Case Gauge


If you're making your 8.6 Blackout brass from cutdown .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor brass, then this Sheridan Case Gauge is a must have to ensure reliable and safe functioning of your load ammunition.

This gauge can help you both troubleshoot and improve your reloads.  It can be used to catch several common issues with reloading 8.6 Blackout, including issues with thick necks which is very common when using .308 brass. Use as a chamber checker to ensure that all of your rounds will work in any of your firearms. Use as a go/no go gauge to check the ammo headspace measurements against chamber min/max.

These gauges have steps on the face to correspond to the cartridge spec minimum brass headspace measurement, and the minimum and maximum chamber length. The diameter of the gauge is min chamber spec, which is larger than the max spec of the cartridge. The length of the gauge corresponds to the max length of the cartridge.

Any rounds that fit the gauge will chamber. Unlike other gauges, this one includes the throat and bore, so that when you check the loaded ammunition, you are checking the complete round, not just the case.

This gauge allow you to:

Speed up your checking process

Check many critical dimensions at once

Check your brass prior to loading it

Perform a chamber check on your ammo, without having to chamber it in a firearm

Perform a headspace check on your ammo

Perform a cartridge length check on your ammo

Catch issues with concentricity

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