Need some comic relief?    Maybe these will help.


1. Some of our favorite screen shots

2. Alaskan Flat Tire

3.  Falcon In It's Natural Habitat

4.  Redneck Star Wars

5.  Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada

6.  Vegetarian Trophy Room

7.  Texas Taxi

8.  Ammunition Reduction

9.  Iron Man Competition

10.  Postman's Nightmare

11.  Second Amendment Question

12.  Company Drug Testing

13.  The CPWSA shooting team showing off their new tattoos

14.  Fishing with Moses

15.  Fun and Game

16.  Chickens at a Horror Movie

17.   Auburn grad launches his boat:  Auburn grad boat

18.  The pot at the end of the rainbow:  Pot

19.  You might just be a redneck if this is your:     Bass Boat            Door Bell       Yacht    Fire Alarm       Neighborhood Watch               Christmas Decoration      Jacuzzi       

20.   A picture's worth a thousand words.

21.   And you thought you had a tough job:     Tough Job 1                Tough Job 2

22.   Can you hear me now?

23.   Outcome of the landmark Roe vs Wade decision?

24.   Nude Surfer


Here are some videos I thought were pretty funny. 

1.  Nice Boat Feature:  






2. Trunk Monkey:     


3. Trunk Monkey 2: 


4. Copy Lady:          


5. "Jack" in the Box:  


6.  Men and Women:  


7.  Shopping in Texas:  


8.  Career Enhancer: